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I am not familiar with codeception. I am trying to insert a text in an input field and press the ENTER button.

$I->fillField('#token-input-yw1', 'Some string');
$I->pressKey('#token-input-yw1', 13);

The text is entered but the enter key is not pressed. Any ideas?

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I had the same problem. I pressed enter this way:

$I->fillField('input onkeypress=','13');
$I->pressKey('photo_link', '13');

But it didn't work.

I fixed it with the next code:

$I->executeJS("$('input#photo_link').trigger(jQuery.Event('keypress', {keyCode: 13}));");

It equals enter key, try it.

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If anyone still have problem with pressing Enter key, here is a solution: (if you are using Webdriver with Selenium)

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