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tried several solutions and googled alot but no luck so far.

So here what I have done:
- I created a Facebook App
- I set authorization to public for all posts of this profile
- Set Extended permission to read stream and/or publish_stream
- I've got proper app token sending the get appid/appsecret request

But what I got so far (thru the usual https://graph.facebook.com/xxx/feed?access_token=yyy) it's something like that:

... ] }, "caption": "Attachment UnavailableThis attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.", "privacy": { "value": "" }, "type": "status", "created_time": "2013-06-11T11:48:36+0000", ...

I stand on the fact that I do not want to force the user to log in with his Facebook credentials and I'm aware that the problem is happening just with Personal Profile (no problem asking feeds to a Facebook page).

I'm getting crazy... is it possible to get feeds from personal profiles without logging in?

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