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With the vast support for generics in Scala, what is the best way to achieve the following cyclic parameter bounds, where C in Command[A, C] is a subtype of itself (i.e. UserCommand or SystemCommand)?

Note: I have omitted the lower/upper type bounds for C - as the question implies, I am unsure how to express this in a way that compiles, or if I'm missing a feature in Scala specifically intended to solve this type of cyclic problem.

trait CommandPrerequisite[-A, +C] {
   val command: C
   def isValid(aggregate: A): Boolean

trait Command[A, C] {
   def prerequisites: List[CommandPrerequisite[A, C]]

trait SystemCommand extends Command[System, SystemCommand] {
   // System specific definitions.

trait UserCommand extends Command[User, UserCommand] {
   // User specific definitions.
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You probably want f-bounded polymorphism. All you need to change is the signature of trait Command:

trait Command[A, C <: Command[A, C]] {
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