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I'm trying to get touch positions in a MonoGame I'm running on a windows Phone 8 device and debugging through Visual Studio 2012.

This is my update method:

    public override void Update(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameTime time)
        if (_StateIsActive) // for pausing game
            TouchCollection touchCollection = TouchPanel.GetState();

            foreach (TouchLocation tl in touchCollection)
                if ((tl.State == TouchLocationState.Pressed)
                        || (tl.State == TouchLocationState.Moved))

When I touch the screen all I get in the output is:


What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: I tried to do what has been done in this thread, but it wont work as I only get the INF value. MonoGame reading touch gestures

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The answer seems to be that there is a bug in this version of Mono Game ( related to this and that it will be fixed with a new release within the next few days.

Source: #MonoGame channel on IRC and their forums.

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