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I would like to know whats the easiest way to plug JaCoCo4sbt's data into Sonar, In Jenkins I have installed Sonar & JaCoCo's plugins. I have also installed JaCoCo's plugin in Sonar.

My sonar-project.properties file contains :


And Jenkins's job execute these commands :

sbt jacoco:cover
sbt clean update compile test doc

For now I don't get any code coverage data into Sonar

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Do you want to report code coverage on Scala code using the Scala plugin for Sonar (http://docs.codehaus.org/display/SONAR/Scala+Plugin)? Unfortunately it does not yet provide a sensor for code coverage. It's on the roadmap for future versions.

At least jacoco4sbt successfully generates the file jacoco.exec but it is just not picket up by the Scala plugin.

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You'll need the following properties:


I don't use sbt, but the following is an ANT example:

Check the properties file at the end for all the Sonar related stuff.

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