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I am using breeze to query a table of customers. I have to implement a very complex query so I've decided to pass a parameter to the method and let the server to make the query. The problem is that using the method TAKE of BREEZE the list of customers that is returned by the server has a different order from the returned by the server.

I have made some test, and only this order is changed, when I am using the method TAKE of BREEZE. This is a bit of my code in the server and in the client:

function(searchText,resultArrayObservable, inlineCountObservable){          

    query = new breeze.EntityQuery("CustomersTextSearch");
            .withParameters({ '': searchText});

    return manager.executeQuery(query).then(function(data){
            //The data results are not in the same order as the server resturn.

public IQueryable<Customer> CustomersTextSearch(string textSearch = "")
    //Here, customers has the rigth order.
    var customers= _breezeMmUow.Customers.GetBySearchText(textSearch, CentreId);
    return customers;

Maybe is not a BUG, maybe I am doing something incorrect. Can somebody help me?


1.3.2 Fix for Breeze/EF bug involving a single query with "expand", "orderBy", and "take" performing incorrect ordering.

I have found in the breeze page, that the problem was fixed, but I have the last version and it is still not working well with TAKE.

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seems .withParameters : { '': searchText}; invalid code –  rab Jun 13 '13 at 9:35
It was a mistake trying to write a simple example of my problem. –  jvrdelafuente Jun 13 '13 at 9:42
The problem is not that, the method in ther server is called, and it returns the rigth answer. –  jvrdelafuente Jun 13 '13 at 9:43
We were able to reproduce the problem and it appears to be a bug. We are investigating further. –  sbelini Jun 19 '13 at 17:57

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This was a bug, and has been fixed in Breeze v 1.3.6, available now.

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