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I have used the same method accross my site for displaying a datagrid, I'm only seeing this problem in one column on one grid. All data in the 'firstname' column is showing as "...". I'm not seeing any errors or warnings.

    dojoType = "dojo.data.ItemFileReadStore"
    jsId = "userStore"
    url = "/usermanager/usergrid"
    jsId = "user_grid"
    name = "user_grid"
    dojoType = "dojox.grid.DataGrid"
    store = "userStore"
    query = "{ id: '*' }"
    clientSort = "true"
    style = "width:989px; height:600px; margin: .5em auto;"
    rowSelector = "20px"
    rowsPerPage = "50"
            <th field="id" width="25px">Id</th>
            <th field="username" width="125px">Username</th>
            <th feild="firstname" width="125px">First Name</th>
            <th field="lastname" width="125px">Last Name</th>
            <th field="role" width="100px">Role</th>
            <th field="group_id" width="50px">Group Id</th>
            <th field="created" width="175px">Created</th>
            <th field="updated" width="175px">Updated</th>

The JSON data provided for the grid seems fine to me :

{"identifier":"id","items":[{"id":"0002","created":"2009-11-09 23:43:38","updated":"2009-11-09 23:43:38","username":"test","password":"3d4ed862cf0fb31e756ca4e3237a85f062549016","role":"member","firstname":"Test","lastname":"Test","group_id":"1","email":"test@test.com"},{"id":"0003","created":"2009-11-10 14:06:11","updated":"2009-11-10 14:06:11","username":"testadmin","password":"3d4ed862cf0fb31e756ca4e3237a85f062549016","role":"admin","firstname":"Test","lastname":"Testington","group_id":"1","email":"test@test.com"}],"numRows":2,"label":"id"}

This is within a ZF application, I don't think that is affecting it though.


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It's a typo. meta.stackexchange.com/q/196985/232821 –  Kuba Ober Sep 14 '13 at 18:37

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That is because of typo. You wrote feild instead of field for you firstname column

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so dumb it's beyond belief, long day or i need glasses. I double checked too. Do i delete this question or do I leave it? –  piddl0r Nov 10 '09 at 22:44
Always delete typo questions. ALWAYS. –  Kuba Ober Sep 14 '13 at 18:37

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