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I have been searching in the documentation for Clickstack and on the Cloudbees Community Github to create a custom container. There is a standard template for apps and one project for Tomcat7 but none forking the Cloudbees default Tomcat6. I would like to add some dependencies into the Tomcat6 container instead of bundling them in the application WAR. For example, an application could have AWS sdk as provided in pom.xml


this seems simple. However (in my little understanding of things) do I need to develop the container from scratch?

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The tomcat6 one has a long history - and is called "staxcat"


You can certainly fork and base it off that. The approach with tomcat7 was to have a less customised stack - closer to vanilla tomcat7.

My recommendation is to use tomcat7 as a starting point - if you can at all (tomcat6 is becoming a tad old now!)- but if you really need tomcat6, staxcat might be the repo to look at!

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