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Is it possible to list all the objects that lives in the heap and have been created by my app? I think it's possible, Instruments do something like this.

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Of course it is, free() and malloc() need to store their data somewhere... – user529758 Jun 13 '13 at 10:52


In instruments, choose the Allocations template in the Memory system and you'll have the ability to look at all objects that are either live in the heap, or which have ever been allocated in the heap.

There's reasonably good filtering in here as well, and if you have lots of memory, or an app that doesn't create/destroy a lot of objects, you can even track reference counts.


There isn't an API to look into the malloc/free data structures officially, so if you have a compelling non-debugging need to look at individual allocs, you're probably looking at replacing the standard memory allocation routines with a specialized instrumented version (kind of like what guard malloc does -Guard Malloc).

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