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wish someone can help me with this:

I have an app displaying remote data. The data consists of a json response containing a list of artitsts performing at some event.

Each artist has a picture I want to display in a tableView.

I'm looking for a optimized way to do this caching the images and creating the cells asynchronously

Here is what I have done so far:

My tableView

class LineupTableViewController < UITableViewController
  attr_accessor :artists
  #attr_accessor :table
  def init
    self.title = 'Line-up'
    self.initWithNibName(nil, bundle:nil)
    self.view.styleId = 'lineUpView'
    self.tabBarItem = UITabBarItem.alloc.initWithTitle("LineUp", image: UIImage.imageNamed("112-group.png"), tag:2)    
  def viewWillAppear(animated)
    view.dataSource = view.delegate = self
    @artists = []
    App::Persistence['event']['artists'].each do |artist|
      @artists.push(Artist.new(artist)) unless artist["dj"]


  def viewDidLoad

    view.autoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleWidth | UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleHeight

def tableView(tableView, cellForRowAtIndexPath: indexPath)
  artist = @artists[indexPath.row]
  ArtistCell.cellForArtist(artist, indexPath:indexPath, inTableView:tableView)      
def tableView(tableView, numberOfRowsInSection: section)
def tableView(tableView, didSelectRowAtIndexPath:indexPath)
  detailViewController = ArtistsdetailViewController.alloc.initWithArtist(@artists[indexPath.row])   
  self.navigationController.pushViewController(detailViewController, animated:true)   

def tableView(tableView, heightForRowAtIndexPath:indexPath)
#def reloadRowForIndexPath(indexPath)
#  puts "indexPath.section #{indexPath.section}"
#  self.view.reloadRowsAtIndexPaths([NSIndexPath.indexPathForRow(indexPath.row, inSection:indexPath.section)], withRowAnimation:false)


My custom cell

class ArtistCell < UITableViewCell
  attr_accessor :index_path
  CellId = "ArtistCellIdentifier"  
  def setSelected(selected, animated:animated)
    # Configure the view for the selected state

  def self.cellForArtist(artist, indexPath:indexPath, inTableView:tableView)
    cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier(ArtistCell::CellId) || ArtistCell.alloc.initWithStyle(UITableViewCellStyleSubtitle, reuseIdentifier:CellId)
      #puts "indexPath #{}"
      cell.index_path = indexPath
      cell.fillArtist(artist, inTableView:tableView)    

  def fillArtist(artist, inTableView:tableView)
    #Dispatch::Queue.concurrent.async do      
     #  Dispatch::Queue.main.sync do
        self.textLabel.text = artist.name
        self.detailTextLabel.text = artist.country

        JMImageCache.sharedCache.imageForURL(NSURL.URLWithString(artist.picture), completionBlock:proc {
            self.imageView.image = downloaded_image


      # end


What I get now is:

  • there is no image in displayed cells unless I tap them
  • when I scroll down the view, the hidden cells' images are displayed, so when I scroll back to the top, all the images are displayed.

Any help solving this would be much appreciated FF

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Try this:

def fillArtist(artist, inTableView:tableView)

    self.textLabel.text = artist.name
    self.detailTextLabel.text = artist.country

    JMImageCache.sharedCache.imageForURL(NSURL.URLWithString(artist.picture), completionBlock:proc { |downloaded_image|      
        self.imageView.image = downloaded_image

Explanation: setting NIL in the cell makes sure the new image is loaded. setNeedsLayout forces relayout thus displaying the image without the need to tap.

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Thanks a lot! It works great. Do you have any resources where I can get more reading than the rubymotion book? –  user1445685 Jun 16 '13 at 16:00
@user1445685: If it works, please accept the answer of Adrian Spinei. –  Arkan Jun 16 '13 at 18:24
Done. It's working. Now looking for a way to make scrolling through the list smoother –  user1445685 Jun 16 '13 at 21:37
What do you mean by 'smoother'? Sure seems like your image load should be an async task that notifies when the image has been loaded (not familiar with JMImageCache myself) so you aren't waiting on a potentially slow operation. –  railsdog Jun 18 '13 at 2:55
I don't see anything obviously wrong with the rest of the code. I also use JMImageCache and the scrolling is perfectly smooth. Must be something else. –  Adrian Spinei Jun 20 '13 at 6:45

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