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My current url is universitytwig.com/user/userprofile/cm.cm , where user is the controller , userprofile is the method and cm.cm is the parameter .How i change this url to universitytwig.com/cm.cm by route.php or by routing from database, Or by .htaccess

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Try to add

$route['cm.cm'] = 'user/userprofile/cm.cm';

to your application/config/routes.php


$route['(:any)'] = 'user/userprofile/$1';

if your parameter can be different.

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+1 for the first approach if params are hardcoded but second solution is not good you cannot use other controllers –  M Khalid Junaid Jun 13 '13 at 11:41
You are right. This was a fast solution. Second solution will work if all other controllers will be predefined before $route['(:any)'] –  lavavrik Jun 13 '13 at 12:04

you can use the routes.php but if you make a rule in something like cm.cm to user/userprofile/cm.cm

$route['(:any)']= 'user/userprofile/$1';

But this is not a perfect solution it will point all the controllers of every thing after base url to user/userprofile/ you need to specify some string the CI routes will identify that this needs to be point on this controller if cm.cm is dynamic parameters not hard coded for this your url structure should be


and in routes you can now make a rule

$route['students/(:any)']= 'user/userprofile/$1';

This will work for your scenario

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