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i've managed to work out who to make a pager gallery using the cycle plugin WITH auto advance

$(function() {
$('#s4').before('<div id="nav" class="nav">').cycle({
    fx:     'fade',
    speed:  'slow',
    timeout: 6000,
    pager:  '#nav',
    before: function() { if (window.console) console.log(this.src); }


however as this takes away some control from the user so it's be great to add a play/pause button like this (prefereably one button) play pause buttons here

i've hit a brick wall as my javaScript coding is weak and i'm not sure if you can do this with a pager

can you help?


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Try this:

var slides = $('#s4').before('<div id="nav" class="nav"><button id="play_pause" class="pause">Pause</button></nav>')
    fx:     'fade',
    speed:  'slow',
    timeout: 6000,
    pager:  '#nav',
    before: function() { if (window.console) console.log(this.src); }

$('#pauseButton').click(function() {
    var obj = $(this);
    if (obj.hasClass('pause')) {
    } else if (obj.hasClass('play')) {
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thanks but couldn't get that working - should i be putting $(function() { before your code? – dean Nov 12 '09 at 13:01
Yes you will need to wrap it in one of the versions of the jquery document ready code. – PetersenDidIt Nov 12 '09 at 20:45

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