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I have defined Latitude and Longitude in my database. Both are Float data type. I want to display the geo information on a map. My problem is when I use @Model (I am using MVC and Razor syntax) to pass these information to varables. The code is

var latitude = @Model.Latitude;
var longitude = @Model.Longitude;

It showed me a curly red line behind each line. And when I hovered mouse there, it displayed like


I dont have any idea about it. Then I tried to cast the datatype like

var latitude = (double)(@Model.Latitude);
var latitude = (double)(@Model.Longitude);

The red curly line did dispear but it showed me

"Undefined Double"

Who knows why?


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Shouldn't it be var latitude = Model.Latitude? I don't think the @ symbol is needed – codingbiz Jun 13 '13 at 11:21
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When you are on a razor scope, you do not need to use @ keyworkd to access server-side values. Just try to open a razor block and set the variables, try something this:


  var latitude = (double)Model.Latitude;
  var longitude= (double)Model.Longitude;


And then to show it, use the @ razor keyworkd:


you also can format this values using ToString() method from double type:

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decimal latitude = Convert.ToDecimal(Model.Latitude);
decimal longitude= Convert.ToDecimal(Model.Longitude);
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