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I have an upcoming project which has the following requirements:

  • Very simple to use (end-users will be expected to use it)
  • Java based, the project will be written in Spring3
  • String based loading (although open to similar suggestions) as I will be storing the templates in a database, not as files

The tricky part of this seems to be getting a templating engine to load the template from the database.

I quite like the look of Thymeleaf, but I have no idea how to render the template manually from a string - has anybody tried this?

I am open to suggestions for a better technology for the job, but this is my preference.

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Have you tried the UrlTemplateResolver? Maybe you could expose the templates through a REST interface so you could access the raw template via a URL. I've never tried this but seems possible. Otherwise, you would likely need to implement your own template resolver. Thymeleaf comes with servlet, file, url, and classloader template resolvers. You would basically need to write one for MongoDB.


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I will try this, it looks like a nicer solution than I had in mind –  theZenPebble Aug 7 '13 at 17:47

Thymeleaf is "Java template engine for XML, XHTML and HTML5." as defined in Wikipedia, problems may occure with Strings.

So you can compress templates and save the tar in database BLOB.

I found a OpenSource XML database, certainly useful for your project.

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I really want to retrieve HTML5 stored as plain text in a db. I'm not sure what context is meant by problems with strings. Also, attempting to render a template from a stored tar file will be a huge CPU overhead, I'd rather do without. This does need to be quite scalable as well –  theZenPebble Jun 13 '13 at 12:46
@theZenPebble It is not necessary to compress it, it can be directly stored in a BLOB (it depends on String size limit)s. Is eXistdb interesting for you? Do you envisage to have two databases : one for template, the other for data? –  cl-r Jun 13 '13 at 12:55
The data storage isn't really a problem, I'll be using MongoDB - my question is about rendering from a string. Once I have retrieved the template string from the database, can I use Thymeleaf to render this string directly? I don't want to store templates in files. –  theZenPebble Jun 13 '13 at 20:20

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