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I obtained the error message below in a Python program using Gtk.TreeStore and its associated classes.

    TypeError: Expected Gtk.TreeIter, but got StructMeta

The error was generated immediately after using using the Gtk.TreeModelFilter method convert_child_iter_to_iter(), which is supposed to return a Gtk.TreeIter. However, the first use of the returned object generates the above message, which does not seem to make any sense to me. What is really confusing, I have been using the reverse process Gtk.TreeModelFilter.convert_iter_to_child_iter() with no ill effects at all.

I have trolled the internet looking for some explanation, but so far I have drawn a blank. I can't even decide if this is a Gtk problem, a Python problem, or a Gtk-introspection problem. Is there anyone out there who can shed light on this?

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