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I'm interesting to know how SnapChat sends data to other mobile devices. For example does it send the data to a server that then stores it to be downloaded or does it send the data directly to the device via an in build ios function?

I am interested in the whole process of sending data between devices but I am not sure if I need to go down the web route via a server.


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Snapchat and instagram are billion dollar companies with massive backend data servers to which ios devices communicate to get to pics. – Sam B Jun 13 '13 at 13:27

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short answer: snapchat surely uses a server to send the data to and the recipient has to download it from there.

here is a tutorial for how to use push notifications on ios (which is what you want to do, i think):


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Hi, a family member mentioned that Snapchat don't store any picture data which I thought was a bit strange because I hadn't heard of a p2p function to deal with the issue. I would imagine like you mentioned that Snapchat must have a server to pass the information on. – ORStudios Jun 13 '13 at 14:04

As @CodeOnTheFloor mentions it uses Apple push notifications ( no equivalent of Android service to poll server) on iOS. However this does not mean it has to use a central server to distribute the image data (although I suspect it does). It must use a central server at some stage though, even if the distribution is peer to peer ( which I doubt) a server is required to match users to IP addresses for the connection stage.

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