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I am trying to create a query from a form that passes ID and Details fields, the post array looks like this:

array(2) { 
["ID"]=> array(9) 
    [0]=> string(3) "10a" 
    [1]=> string(3) "10b" 
    [2]=> string(3) "10c" 
    [3]=> string(3) "10d" 
    [4]=> string(3) "10e" 
    [5]=> string(3) "10f"  
["Details"]=> array(9) 
    [0]=> string(19) "This is textfield 1" 
    [1]=> string(17) "This is textfield 2" 
    [2]=> string(0) "" 
    [3]=> string(0) "" 
    [4]=> string(0) "" 
    [5]=> string(0) ""

The ID is hardcoded into the page and always passed, the details can be filled out by the user as needed.

 if ($_POST['OthProb']['Details'] != '') {
        // Catch issue text and assign to variable
        foreach ( $_POST['OthProb']['Details'] as $key => $value) {
            $id = $_POST['OthProb']['ID']->$key;
            $dets = $value;
        // Focus on fields with values and join the array values together in a query string
        if ($dets != ''){
        $string = "INSERT into $table (AccountID, OtherID, ID, Details) VALUES ($_POST[AccountID], $_POST[OtherID], '".$id.", '".$dets."')";
            $sql = $DBH->prepare($string);
            // $sql->execute();
            // var_dump ($id);                


creates the following

 "INSERT into tbl_problems (AccountID, OtherID, ID, Details) VALUES (80, 80, '10f, 'This is Title issue')"

The 'Details' are outputting correctly, but its cycling all the way through the ID's to the last one, is that because I'm nesting a foreach? What would be the best way to structure the loop?

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Just as a side note, you may want to add an extra single quote in this line (right after the .$id."): $string = "INSERT into $table (AccountID, OtherID, ID, Details) VALUES ($_POST[AccountID], $_POST[OtherID], '".$id.", '".$dets."')"; becomes $string = "INSERT into $table (AccountID, OtherID, ID, Details) VALUES ($_POST[AccountID], $_POST[OtherID], '".$id."', '".$dets."')"; –  Josh Allen Jun 13 '13 at 12:41

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Try to replace this line:

$id = $_POST['OthProb']['ID']->$key;


$id = $_POST['OthProb']['ID'][$key];
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Awesome, I swear I tried that yesterday, I must have made a mistake elsewhere! Works anyway, thanks very much. –  Funk247 Jun 13 '13 at 12:50

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