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In my pursuit to write a Chrome packaged app, I am struggling to get my data synchronized to the app so that it can be used in offline mode.

My data lives on a server and I access it trough a restful service in this case I use.net MVC WebApi

What I have tried: Using Breezejs because of the easy offline capabilities ; the problem is that window.localStorage is not available in packaged apps, I did tried switching it out for IndexedDB but no luck.

I tried chrome.storage that worked great with the build in sync but it is not a big truck and that is what I need at least a 10tunner.

So my Question; is there a silver bullet that has some XMLHttpRequest implementations, that makes it easier to get data from a restful service, storing it to IndexedDB so that it can be used offline and when going online syncs the changes, that is compatible with packaged apps.

I know I must probably write my own but if someone already went trough all the hoops and complexities of synchronization that can guide me it will be awesome.

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What failed when trying IndexdDB. –  Vincent Scheib Jun 13 '13 at 17:05
I failed somewhat to implement IndexedDB, but used a indexedDB wrapper db.js; replaced the localStorage in breeze.debug.js with it. But its not feeling right because changing the api directly is not a good idea. –  qorsmond Jun 14 '13 at 5:48

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Have you looked at using the syncFileSystem API ?

As long as you are happy to sync your data into Google Drive, this api should meet your needs for not implementing sync code yourself and still working offline.

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I also thought of something like that but the thing is that I want to sync the data that is on my server in a sql dB to the indexedDB. The best solution that I got so far is to tweak breezejs to suite my needs but it is not ideal. –  qorsmond Jun 14 '13 at 5:54

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