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I am sorry to post such question here. I have no stack to show yet. Before going deeper! I want to know whether it is possible to use Hibernate Search in a JSF application that communicates with an InnoDB MySQL 5.1 database. Full text search feature is only available for MyISAM engine and InnoDB MySQL 5.6.

If not possible. What do you suggest to implement a Full text search in such JSF Application? Apache Lucene? Solr? Any tips? Any demo tutos?

The purpose is to give the end user a search input text and a search button that allows him/her to search data in different entities and siplay results in an xhtml page.

Thanks in advance

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Hibernate Search uses Lucene as its full-text search backend, and you can hook it up to a MySQL InnoDB database with no problem. Essentially, your full-text search queries are run against the Lucene documents that Hibernate Search maintains, and you can still use CRUD operations on your current database. See also the Hibernate Search/Lucene diagram here.

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