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I have an Integer field, and I need to divide it into Bits to the SQL(Firebird). For each byte of the Integer field should be a new field. For Example:

Integer field: 7 = 00000111

Bit 1 field1: 1  
Bit 2 field2: 1  
Bit 3 field3: 1  
Bit 4 Field4: 0
Bit 5 Field5: 0
Bit 6 Field6: 0
Bit 7 Field7: 0
Bit 8 Field8: 0

anyone know how to do this in Firebird?

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Use the BIN_AND function:

   bin_and(field, 1) as bit1, 
   bin_and(field, 2) as bit2, 
   bin_and(field, 4) as bit3,
   bin_and(field, 8) as bit4,
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Thanks @ain Exactly what I was looking for. –  Paulo H. Hartmann Jun 13 '13 at 17:26

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