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I'm building a website that will include embedded videos, and I've decided to use YouTube for video hosting as it's got the best functionality and the largest community.

However, I would like to use a custom embedded player (using the Chromeless API) because the official YouTube player is too associated with amateur sites. Features I'm looking for:

  • Very basic functionality with simple but smooth controls (play/pause button, progress/download bar and full screen button). Basically like the official player but without any clutter (no rating etc). The javascript API doesn't seem to have full screen support, so I guess the only option is a player using the flash API.
  • Clicking on the movie outside the controls will not go to the YouTube video page but will play/pause video.
  • The YouTube logo will be kept next to the progress bar in the bottom-right corner, linking to the YouTube video page, to not violate any TOS.

What's the best unofficial YouTube embedded player out there today? Is there one matching my requirements?


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I'm looking for the same and have found the following:

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Thanks for the links. The javascript-only solution (your second link or Basic/Advanced examples in the first link) unfortunately doesn't allow a full screen-button, which for me isn't really an alternative. However, the embedded example from your first link actually looks decent now with the latest default YouTube player: badsyntax.github.com/jquery-youtube-player/examples/… This seems like the best option I've seen so far (with or without playlist) because it removes the annoying link to YouTube when clicking on the video screen like the default embedded player does. – Aneon Nov 27 '10 at 15:01

You might want to check out acorn:

https://acorn.athena.ai https://github.com/athenalabs/acorn-player

You can include the library and build a player like so:

link = 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HWCBmUqB9o';
player = new acorn.player.Player({data: link});

(Btw, I'm one of the developers)

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