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I want to parse special characters (read from a file) to HTML format. For example

**üö ä€ afd sdf sdfüäää** 


<p>&uuml;&ouml; &auml;&euro; afd sdf sdf&uuml;&auml;&auml;&auml;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;</p>

I found few solution on web:




Each of them is doing fine with normal text:




But it doesn't do anything, when I have those special characters in input text.

Any help on this?

Rails Version: 3.0.5 Ruby: ruby 1.9.3p429

Thanks, Chandan

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you can use htmlentities

require 'htmlentities'
str = "üö ä€ afd sdf sdfüäää"
HTMLEntities.new.encode(str, :named)

#=> "&uuml;&ouml; &auml;&euro; afd sdf sdf&uuml;&auml;&auml;&auml;"
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