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I have the following associations:

Campaign has_many Trips
Trip belongs_to Campaign
Trip has_many Events
Event belongs_to Trip

In my API I accept POST requests for URLs that look like this:


Where a JSON is passed. The JSON looks like this:

{"trip":{"red":3, "blue":400, "events_attributes":[{"distance":300}, {"distance":400}]}}

My #create action for the Events Controller looks like this:

 def create
         @campaign = @user.campaigns.find(params[:campaign_id])
         @trip = @campaign.trips.create(params[:trip])
         render json: @trip, :status => :ok
         render json: '', :status => :not_found 

In my Trip model, I have added this line:

   accepts_nested_attributes_for :events

So, I was expecting that the Trip would be created with the correspondent Events, but instead of that I am getting a 401 not found. If I don't pass the events_attributes, the trip gets created correctly.

I have worked out this solution following this question: Nested object creation with JSON in Rails

Any thoughts on what am I doing wrong?

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Well, you're rescuing any error and returning a 401, which means that you're probably not seeing the actual exception that the code is producing. Try removing the begin/rescue/end and then including the exception in your question (unless the solution becomes obvious once you see the real error). –  MrTheWalrus Jun 13 '13 at 15:46
MrTheWalrus, exactly what it was happening. Thank you :P –  Nobita Jun 13 '13 at 15:47

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I was catching the wrong Exception, and that confused me.

I was getting a mass-assignment error, as events_attributes wasn't accessible from the Trip model, but I was getting that as a not found exception wrongly.

I added this line in Trip model:

attr_accessible :events_attributes

And it worked like a charm :)

Oh, and btw, I added this in the rescue:

rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
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