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Long-winded question here but basically I need to make a single landing page customized specifically for each agent (I'll be getting a list of like 100 agents). So obviously instead of creating a landing page for each agent it would be best if I could have information swap in based on their personal 6-digit code that I'll generate and have them plug in. Could I use an excel file plus the database and somehow switch out the variable text and images? Is this something that's even possible? My php/mysql knowledge is pretty limited at the moment but if you have any resources on this, please let me know.


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You would store the information for each agent in a mysql database and use php to generate a custom or dynamic page. You just need to google some php tutorials to help you with this. –  JonnyS Jun 13 '13 at 15:43

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I would do it the following way (assuming that you are using just pure php and mysql):

Suppose you have the database table agent which has various information about each of the agents stored as table rows. For example:

Table agent:





Then you can write a php function, lets say get_agent_details($agent_id) that will fetch the corresponding record from the mysql database.

function get_agent_details($agent_id)
    $con = mysql_connect("localhost","mysql_username","mysql_pwd");
    if (!$con)
        die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
    // Now run your query
    $agent_data = "SELECT * FROM agent where id=" . $agent_id;
    return $agent_data;

Now you can display this data as you please in your page. Please note that I am just giving you a skeleton code that might give you ideas for suitable implementation. This is not production ready code.

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Hopefully this has solved your question. If not please let me know. If yes, then I'd appreciate it if you can accept the answer :) –  joshi Jun 13 '13 at 16:21

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