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I use xep0096 and xep0065 complete file tansfer,and send file from spark to ios simulator. openfire server setting:

xmpp.auth.anonymous true
xmpp.domain mydomain
xmpp.filetransfer.enabled true
xmpp.proxy.enabled true
xmpp.proxy.externalip 114.xxx.xxx.xxx
xmpp.proxy.port 7777
xmpp.proxy.transfer.required false
xmpp.session.conflict-limit 0
xmpp.socket.ssl.active true

Performed very well in front,but spark send activate xml info like this:

<iq id="da0Di-69" to="proxy.mydomain" type="set">
  <query xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/bytestreams" sid="jsi_8730437306760952695">

the server return

<iq id="da0Di-69" to="spark@mydomain/leestarxin" from="proxy.mydomain" type="error">
  <error code="405" type="CANCEL">
    <not-allowed xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/>

I look up xep0065,and find the error 405:

<not-allowed/> if only one party (either Requester or Recipient, but not both) is connected to the Proxy

Why would return this error?who can help me? thank you!


I can receive callback

- (void)turnSocket:(TURNSocket *)sender didSucceed:(GCDAsyncSocket *)socket

but can't get any data.

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am also changed settings like above but i receive connection failed callback. can u explane please – Nag Raj Jul 24 '14 at 6:34

My answer is late and the question is old, but might help someone else. Look into the latest push into the XMPPFramework by Jonathon Staff. Link here

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