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i have developed the two ascx control 1) product detail 2) product review

now i have to design the tabs bar to display description and product review together like that http://www.indieswebs.com/magento-deposit-payment.html see the recent review and write review tabs.

but description tab data comes from product detail control and product review data comes from product review control. so how can i retrieved product review data from product review control into product detail control page, so i can display description data and product review data together in simple div base javascript tabs bar. or is that possible to load ascx control in div ?

pls provides you review on this problem give solutions.

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For start lets call your page where you want to load your controls List.aspx. Simpliest solution would be define your tabs in div or table like this:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
         <td id="event-selection"><a href="List.aspx?ACTION=First">First Control</a></td>
         <td style="padding-left:20px;"><a href="List.aspx?ACTION=Second">Next Control</a></td>
<asp:Panel id="First" runat="server" visible="true"> Here is a content of first control</asp:Panel>
<asp:Panel id="Second" runat="server" visible="false"> Here is a content of Second control</asp:Panel>

Now on the back-end side(CS file) you load content of the proper control depend on selection and make correlated div visible. Default is obviously is "First" and that PANEL is visible on page load by default. Make sure that your PANELS have runat="server" property and unique id.

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actually i am coding with DotNetNuke base website so there is no aspx pages in my module only i have design the ascx control in my module so product description is in details.ascx and product review is in review.ascx so is that possibility to get the product review.ascx data in details.ascx control by calling functionally or in any other way. in DotNetNuke cms there is place holders in my theme so i just load the details.ascx control and review.ascx control in it. –  peter Jun 14 '13 at 4:33

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