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I am getting started with django-cms and I am facing an exception when I try to edit a page in the admin inteface.

A TemplateSyntaxError exception is raised due to the {% page_submit_row %} templatetag.

TemplateSyntaxError at /admin/cms/page/1/

Caught an exception while rendering: admin/page_submit_line.html

Request Method: GET
Request URL:
Exception Type: TemplateSyntaxError
Exception Value: Caught an exception while rendering: admin/page_submit_line.html
Exception Location: C:\Program Files\Python26\lib\site-packages\django\template\debug.py in render_node, line 81

Does anybody know also a good tutorial of django-cms?

Update: It seems that the installation of django-cms is not fully sucessful. The admin/page_submit_line.html template was missing. I've try to reinstall several time with similar result. A manual copy of the file fix the problem.

How can I be sure that the install has be done properly? I guess that some other files are missing. Is it safe to copy the missing files manually?

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What's the error? – Dominic Rodger Nov 10 '09 at 16:26

You may need to {% load %} the template tag library at the top of your file.

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It seems that the problem comes from the django-cms installer. It was with RC2 and RC3 is out now.

Moreover, It is recommended to use easy_install for the installation

easy_instaling RC3 fixed the problem


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