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I have the following code in a matlab script :

    AnalogOut(1, CurrentTime)

I want to integrate this code to a .cpp that i already have that is used to be compiled to .mex file.

What would be the simple way to do this in .mex style?


From Shai's answer, I realized strcmp would work in the .cpp file. So i just needed to tweak the code a little to make it works:

if (!strcmp(data.task,"taskToDo")) //here data.task is a const char *
    AnalogOut(1, CurrentTime());

Quite simple.

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You can use C function strcmp to compare to null terminates strings.
Note that unlike Matlab the C strcmp returns 0 when the strings match.

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Tried it before seeing your answer. It does return 0 when the strings match. I'll post the answer in my question. –  m_power Jun 13 '13 at 17:58

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