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I’m using WebAPI V4.0.30506.0 (this should be the stable version) with BreezeJs 1.3.5 and for some reason I don’t get child entities when I use the expand keyword. How can I get the child entities?

Here’s a cut down version of my datamodel.

public class Policy
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string PolicyNumber { get; set; }
    public ICollection<Vehicle> Vehicles { get; set; }

public class Vehicle
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Manufacturer { get; set; }
    public string Model { get; set; }
    public int ModelYear { get; set; }
    public virtual Policy Policy { get; set; }

Here’s what my get looks like:

    var getPolicies = function (policyObservable, getFromServer) {
        if (!getFromServer) {
            var pLocal = getLocal('Policies', 'policyNumber');
            if (pLocal.length > 0 ){
            return Q.resolve();

         var query = EntityQuery.from('Policies')

        return manager.executeQuery(query)

        // handle the ajax callback
        function querySucceeded(data) {
            if (policyObservable) {
        // I pause here in Chrome
            log('retrieved policy!', data, true);

When I look at the data.results in querySucceeded in Chrome I see an array of Policies but there are no child vehicles. When I check in the network tab I see it calling:


And there are Vehicles in the results.

Here’s a snippet of what I get back:

[ { "$id": "1", "$type": "Eclipse.Model.Policy, Eclipse.Model", "Id": 1, "PolicyNumber": "PHHOAP00", "Vehicles": [ { "$id": "2", "$type": "Eclipse.Model.Vehicle, Eclipse.Model", "Id": 1, "Manufacturer": "ac,", "Model": "In", "ModelYear": 2006, "Policy": { "$ref": "1" },...

edit: I'm not sure if it's related or not but when I type the following in the console I get blank arrays.

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When you store the results in an observableArray and console.log(ko.observableArray()); there is no navigation property of Vehicles that you can expand in the console? Or there are no entities in that navigation property? – PW Kad Jun 13 '13 at 17:09
No. I get 4 objects (expected. it's an array of observables) when I drill down into the each one they only have properties for themselves and not vehicles. – Maleki Jun 13 '13 at 17:42

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Maleki, Have you tried adding a ForeignKey to the Policy in Vehicle? Breeze will need the FK to resolve the navigation between entities and this is most likely what's causing the problem.

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You're correct. Breeze now requires that foreign keys be explicitly defined. 1.3.4 doesn't require this. Unfortunately refactoring my code-first datamodel will take several hours (it breaks seeding). – Maleki Jun 25 '13 at 13:27

Reverting to the 1.3.4 version of breeze.debug.js fixed the issue.

In my case it appears that in 1.3.5 OData $expand doesn't map properly to the data.results.

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