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Simplifying Question ::: Edit

When I sent a push notification to my application it spams all messages it has ever received.

Send 10 push notifications to the device
Clear out notifications from system notification swipe down menu
Send 1 new push notification
I get 11 notifications. OS spams the notifications 1 by 1.
Resulting notifications are 10 messages 10 minutes old
1 notification 1 minute old
I should only have 1 message -- 1 minute old.

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I'm assuming if the application does not clear out the notifications it will resend them locally? – Will Jun 13 '13 at 19:25
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This was related to our device logging into multiple accounts. Each time the device logged into a new account a new tracking ID was issued. The Spam was sending it to each account which in turn was sending it to the ID multiple times repeatedly.

I doubt this will ever be an issue for anyone else, but thought I would answer the question.

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