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I need a little help with css in this web project.

See it here: http://www.webdesigngoogleit.com

Issue is on the home page in the body section. I have the following

A Div Called Wrapper is 670px Wide.

Inside the Div Wrapper I have broken the width down into four parts roughly

A Div Class Called "graphic" 140px wide.

A div class called "text1" - Div Text1 (heading) 180px

then a div within a div

A div class called "text2" - Div Text2 (text different text side to div text 1)
Then we close the code with two closing div tags

this repeats down the page 3 times (see link)

My problem lies with the responsive css - Div Text1 and Div Text 2 are not breaking down properly. I have them reduced in percentage terms to whatever their width is / whatever the overall width of the wrapper is. i.e. 670px

If you look at the project on a handheld or mobile device it breaks down responsively but then the two text2 columns mentioned above just reduce in size thus making the text really unreadable and too long on the page. i.e. one to 1.5 words per line. Never ending. If anybody would be so kind to help I would appreciate it.

I am going to try something else in the meantime but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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what have you tried to do? –  Vladimir Starkov Jun 13 '13 at 19:53

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If I were you, I would put each graphic1 and text1 pair into a distict markup group (such as an article or aside element). Then, with your media queries, float the article or not, and float the graphic inside it or not.

As a further note - an image is already a block element, it does not need to be placed inside a div.

Suggested Markup:

<section class="mybodyclass">

    <img src="" title="" alt="" class="thumbnail-class" />
    <h3><a href="path-to-article">Article Title</a></h3>
    <p>This is my text. There is much like it, but this text is mine. 
    <span class="read-more"><a href="path-to-article">read more</a></span></p>

    <img src="" title="" alt="" class="thumbnail-class" />
    <h3><a href="path-to-article2">Article 2 Title</a></h3>
    <p>More Text. 
    <span class="read-more"><a href="path-to-article2">read more</a></span></p>



The CSS then becomes much more simplified, requiring no complex width calculations for the text at all. As a <p> will automatically fill the width available to it, just set your widths to the <section> and <article> elements (floated vs non-floated) and your problem should be solved.

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Agreed, the markup needs to be tidied up. –  Nick R Jun 13 '13 at 19:47

Remove float and width from .text, remove width from wrapper-1 and give graphic1 a margin-right of 20px or so. The text will flow around your graphics and expand to fit the page width at that point.

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At the mobile breakpoint set the width of .text1 to 100%

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