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I have a dimension table with composite primary key ex :



The primary key is: centre, registreDuCommerce

And the fact table is



centre and registreDuCommerce ?? centre : Is the code of the city where company is installed registreDuCommerce : idenfiant of the company

And those keys help to identify a company, because we can fine the same registreDuCommerce but with different ce.

There is any why to resolve this problem, because I found it's impossible to have composite primary key in dimension table.


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Not only is it uncommon to have a composite primary key like this, it's uncommon to have a non-synthetic primary key (except for date, perhaps). An integer would be a much more conventional primary key -- you can still place a not null and unique key on these columns.

So you fact table should be made up of integer foreign keys to the dimension tables, along with the metrics.

create table dim_customer (
  id         integer primary key,
  first_name character,

create table dim_item (
  id           integer primary key,
  product_code character unique,

create table fct_sales (
  item_id     references dim_item(id),
  customer_id references dim_customer(id),
  sale_amount number

When raw data arrives with a product code, you insert into the dim_item table a unique list of all the product codes that do not already exist in it.

When you then load the fact table, you lookup the relevant id for the item from the dim_item table and that value is inserted into the fct_sales table.

When you query the warehouse you join from the fact table to the dimension tables to get the meaningful values (customer name, item code, etc).

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but in datawarhouse modelization, we should have a primary key as one column not a composite primary key –  archavin Jun 13 '13 at 21:20
Yes. "An integer would be a much more conventional primary key". –  David Aldridge Jun 13 '13 at 21:22
can we make something like id_CERC as a primary key to represente the composite primary key? but how can we reference that in the fact table ? –  archavin Jun 13 '13 at 21:31
When you load a (centre and registreDuCommerce) you see if it's already in the dimension table. If it is then you read the unique id number for it and use that in the fact table. If it is not, you insert them, read the newly generated unique id, and use that in the fact table. The foreign key columns in the fact table should all be integers that identify a row in the relevant dimension table. –  David Aldridge Jun 13 '13 at 21:47
Look, you really need to go and learn some basics about data warehousing here. There are many great articles by Kimball -- unfortunately you're lacking the understanding of basic concepts and vocabulary at this point. –  David Aldridge Jun 13 '13 at 22:35

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