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Problem: In my app, there exists two different ways for a user to add an item to a list: via a TextField and via checking an element in an ExpandableListView. Every time the user enters an item into the TextField, I would like to check if that value appears within any group of the ExpandableListView. If it does, then I would like to check that item.

Implementation of Solution: I have a HashMap that stores as keys all the values within the ExpandableListView, and its values are the corresponding group HashMap in which they are in. If the item is found then I plan to derive its location by using a second HashMap that stores its position within the group.

Question: Using this information, how can I check/uncheck that particular box? Specifically how can I identify a particular child of the ExpandableListView, and then identify a child of that?

Thank you for your time.

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My approach is slightly different but it does the work.
Each element of yours must have a HashMap. Considering adding another element to it.
A string element call it ChkVal default value in it is false.

Now when you match the value from textbox to the element in that group. Using the hashmap.
Change its checkbox value.

Boolean b = false;
String chkCondition = hmap.get(chk).toString().toLowerCase();
if (chkCondition.equals("true"))
     b = true;
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Hi MDMalik, thank you for your response. Do you think you could add your approach/code to the way you solved this problem? – NumenorForLife Jun 14 '13 at 3:56
@jsc123 this is my approach. if you could post your code i would easily show where does this code above fits – MDMalik Jun 14 '13 at 6:58

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