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When an array is given:

int[] a={1,3,4,5,67,8,899,56,12,33}

and if i wish to return the even numbers using LINQ

var q=a.where(p=>p%2==0)

If i were to use C#2.0 and strictly func<> delegate what is the way to solve it?

I tried :

Func<int, bool> func = delegate(int val) { return val % 2 == 0; };

but I am confused how to link the array "a" here.

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int[] q = Array.FindAll<int>(a, delegate(int p) { return p % 2 == 0; });

(note this uses Predicate<int>, which is the same signature as Func<int,bool>)

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+1 I forgot about this method. –  Noldorin Nov 10 '09 at 17:32

You can use Predicate and Array.FindAll.

Predicate<int> func = delegate(int val) { return val % 2 == 0; };

Array.FindAll<int>(a, func);
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