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I'm using the following to determine if either substring is present in a $mainString in a Bash (ver 3.2.25) shell script:

if [[ $mainString = *cat* || $mainSubstring = *blue cheese* ]]; then
    echo "FOUND"
    echo "NOT FOUND"

But I keep getting the following error because of the space in "blue cheese". How do you handle spaces in the substring?

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You can escape the space:

$mainSubString = *blue\ cheese*

or quote the non-wildcard portions, one example of which is

$mainSubString = *'blue cheese'*

Often, it is better to store the pattern in a variable, both to simplify the quoting and to make the [[...]] expression more concise. Note that you must not quote the parameter expansion, as glenn jackman points out in his comment.

pattern="*blue cheese*"
if [[ $mainString = *cat* || $mainSubstring = $pattern ]]; then
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+1. If you put the pattern in a variable, you must not quote the variable: [[ $mainSubstring = "$pattern" ]] returns false. –  glenn jackman Jun 13 '13 at 23:49

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