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Here is my code that has a function spilling out simple sytle sheets:

(defroutes app-routes (GET "/style.css" [] (my-css-function)))
(defn my-css-function [] "(css strings...)")

And when I enter "/style.css" in my browser, it spills out plain text strings that can not be used by html file, while being sytanxically correct. I guess compojure is messing with the context type so that the browser is interpreting my string as something strange rather than being a normal css file?

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What do you see in your browser when you "view source?" –  noahlz Jun 13 '13 at 21:39

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The my-css-function returns a string, which compojure returns as the content for the response, if no content-type is explicitly specified then my guess is that either text/plain or text/html are used.

If you want to specify the text/css content type for the response, you could do it in the following way:

(defn my-css-function [] 
  {:headers {"Content-Type" "text/css"}
   :body "body { background-color: #CCC; }"})
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