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I am learning meteor and have created a new app and installed accounts-core, accounts-google and accounts-ui. This worked as expected and prompted me to configure the google integration. After I configured it, though, I realized I used an incorrect url and changed it in the Google API. How do I make this change take effect in the meteor side? In other words, how do I get back to the meteor google configuration page where I enter the client id and secret?

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How about this.

Clearing only account configuration.I have tried in my project.

meteor mongo

$ meteor mongo
MongoDB shell version: 2.4.3
connecting to:
> show collections
> db.meteor_accounts_loginServiceConfiguration
> db.meteor_accounts_loginServiceConfiguration.find()
{ "service" : "twitter", "consumerKey" : "MYconsumerKey", "secret" : "MYsecret", "_id" : "MYid" }
> db.meteor_accounts_loginServiceConfiguration.remove()

Clearing all data in your project.

$ meteor reset -h
Usage: meteor reset

Reset the current project to a fresh state. Removes all local
data and kills any running meteor development servers.
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Seems like a 'nuclear option'. Any way to refresh just the google api setting, without deleting all data in the app? –  Daniel Jun 17 '13 at 14:20
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This is just a light revision in snize's answer, but this worked for me:

$ meteor mongo
MongoDB shell version: 2.4.3
connecting to:
> db.meteor_accounts_loginServiceConfiguration.remove({"service":"google"})
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Daniel, is this the right answer? –  kcharvey Feb 25 at 19:37
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