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I would like like guidance regarding an issue we are having on our CentOS server. Just recently we noticed that we cannot send emails to Hotmail.com mailboxes from our domain email. I also discovered that we're getting a lot of mail delivery failure emails in one of the inbox's that we don't use. I've checked the mail logs and saw some suspicious activity. Unfortunately, I don't know much with regards to mail server and how they behave. Can someone shine some light on this situation and tell me if some is connecting to our SMTP server remotely and sending spam emails to various recipients? What other steps should I take to prevent this?

Here is part of the log:

    2013-06-09 05:43:27 SMTP connection from []:13088 (TCP/IP connection count = 1)
    2013-06-09 05:43:32 no host name found for IP address
    2013-06-09 05:43:41 SMTP connection from []:13461 (TCP/IP connection count = 2)
    2013-06-09 05:43:46 no host name found for IP address
    2013-06-09 05:43:46 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from (iem.net) []:13088
    2013-06-09 05:43:55 H=(qbnngj.com) []:13461 sender verify fail for <wqnsjzyyc@qbnngj.com>: The mail server could not deliver mail to wqnsjzyyc@qbnngj.com.  The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries.
    2013-06-09 05:43:55 H=(qbnngj.com) []:13461 F=<wqnsjzyyc@qbnngj.com> rejected RCPT <support@greenXXXX.com>: Sender verify failed
    2013-06-09 05:43:55 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from (qbnngj.com) []:13461

As you can see above, the IP that connected to the SMTP server is from China. I have a dozen of similar connections made in the log. I am not sure how to resolve this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Max

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You have two separate problems.

Sending to Hotmail: They have a web page regarding their own private white list, and if you're not on the list, you get blocked.

Receiving delivery status notices for messages not sent: Someone is spoofing your domain in messages they're sending to others. You need to protect your domain with some authentication technology. The two most common are called "sender policy framework" and domainkeys.

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