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From Mongoose JS documentation:

schema.post('save', function (doc) {
  console.log('%s has been saved', doc._id);

Is there any way to determine whether this is the original save or the saving of an existing document (an update)?

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@aheckmann reply at github

schema.pre('save', function (next) {
    this.wasNew = this.isNew;

schema.post('save', function () {
    if (this.wasNew) {
        // ...

isNew is an key used by mongoose internally. Saving that value to the document's wasNew in the pre save hook allows the post save hook to know whether this was an existing document or a newly created one. Additionally, the wasNew is not commited to the document unless you specifically add it to the schema.

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@jysperm your comment is confusing to me because the example uses both wasNew and isNew... so what has changed to what? –  freakTheMighty Nov 1 '14 at 20:09

Edit: see Document#isNew for information on Document#isNew

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