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My machine is running python 2.6, with a virtual environment running 2.7.

I enter the virtualenv and run configure, make, then make install to build an application (pyqt4 FWIW).

My problem: when I compile the application, its done with python 2.6.

How can I tell it to use the version of the virtual environment (2.7).

I have confirmed the virtual environment does indeed have 2.7 and I have set the python alias to python2.7, but no joy.

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virtualenv only provides the environment for python, easy_install and pip, but not make. you could run the following to verify:

which make

According to instruction here, I guess you need to run the following command:

python configure-ng.py

which should trigger the correct python in virtualenv.

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the instructions don't state *-ng will work with virtualenv. What makes you think it will? –  rikAtee Jun 14 '13 at 7:52
because './configure' and 'make' would not trigger python, but 'configure-ng.py' will. It's the python that makes difference for virtualenv. –  Walty Jun 18 '13 at 7:33

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