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Is there any way to dynamically instantiate an Enumeration#Value in Scala?

So far I have:

object Letter extends Enumeration {
    val A,B,C = Value

// fieldType is of type Universe.Type for the field in my case class, which happens to
// be of type Letter.Value

val ftype =
val enumVal = "B"  // a valid Enumeration.Value
val erasedEnumType = fieldType.asInstanceOf[TypeRef]  // Letter

Now what? I'm trying to arrive at an object of value Letter.B in this case.

I saw this clip on another posting:

def create[T <: Enum[T]](clazz: Class[T], input: String): T = Enum.valueOf(clazz, input)

I couldn't make this work because I don't have "T" at compile-time (I'm parsing this value from input strings at runtime).

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You mean retrieve instead of instantiate?

scala> object Letter extends Enumeration {
     |     val A,B,C = Value
     | }
defined module Letter

scala> Letter withName "B"
res0: Letter.Value = B

as opposed to creating another value.


package reflectenum

import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._
import scala.reflect.runtime.{currentMirror=>cm}
import scala.reflect.NameTransformer._

object Letters extends Enumeration {
  val A,B,C = Value

object Test extends App {
  val claas = cm.classLoader loadClass "reflectenum.Letters$"
  Console println s"$claas"
  val enum  = claas.getField(MODULE_INSTANCE_NAME).get(null).asInstanceOf[Enumeration]
  Console println s"$enum"
  Console println s"${enum withName "B"}"

  // given some element of the enumeration
  val v = enum withName "B"
  val im = cm reflect v
  val outerName = newTermName("scala$Enumeration$$outerEnum")
  val outer = typeOf[enum.Value] member outerName
  val f = im reflectField outer.asTerm.accessed.asTerm
  assert(enum == f.get)
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Ok, makes sense. How can I do that? Remember I don't know "Letter" at compile time. I'm parsing string input. I can introspect as described above, so I know the type and can get to the erased type, but I'm still stuck on retrieving the Value. – Greg Jun 14 '13 at 3:30

This works:

val foo = Class.forName("reflectnum.Letter$") //← note extra $
val anObj = foo.getField("MODULE$").get(foo)
val meth = anObj.getClass.getMethod("withName",classOf[String])
val z = meth.invoke(anObj,"B")
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It's not necessary to invoke withName reflectively, see my answer. It's not clear to me what you needed, so my answer also includes a nontrivial part: given some B, the user asks for "C", how do I find the enclosing enum in order to look up C? – som-snytt Jun 14 '13 at 20:52
Right you are! Missed something on first read, but your answer not requiring dynamic reflection of withName works great. – Greg Jun 17 '13 at 15:03

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