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I need to send out Instant Messages to a Lync/OCS server from Linux programmatically as an alerting mechanism.

I've looked into using python dbus and pidgin-sipe with finch or pidgin, but they aren't really good for sending one-off instant messages (finch and pidgin need to be running all the time).

Ideally, I'd have a python script or java class that could spit out Instant Messages to users when needed.

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Well, if you are on Lync 2013, you can have a look at UCWA ucwa.lync.com. It's a web service that allows to log in to Lync and use IM, presence, etc. You can use then any language you want. I played with it using Node on Mac OS X, for example.

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I know it's late but, i've an experimental java api which can communicate with Lync 2013 UCWA. Here is the github page

You are welcome to fork it.

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Thanks a lot for this service. Would you mind posting some code that explain how to use it? –  user2360915 Aug 11 at 9:01

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