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For my project, I would like to dynamically display a table containing information from my database. Unfortunately, I am unable to pass the c# array containing all of my database's information into a Javascript array. I have tried creating a hidden field like this:

<input type="hidden" id="tutors" name="tutors" value="<%: PeerTutoring.StaticData.GetTutorsSerialized()%>" />

The method GetTutorsSerialized is:

public static string GetTutorsSerialized()
        char[] stuff = new JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(new PeerTutoring.Models.PeerTutoringDataContext().Tutors).ToArray();
        return stuff.ToString();

Next, I have tried accessing this information from Javascript like this:

var x = $('#tutors').val()

This displays the message "System.Char[]" in the alert box. The length of the 'x' is also 13, which is the length of the string "System.Char[]".

Also, once I have got this array working, will I be able to access fields of the object's held in the Javascript array like this? :


Thanks for the help.

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Instead of .toString(), try new string(stuff);

.NET / C# - Convert char[] to string

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Why not pass the data to the view using a view model and use c# to generate the table?

        foreach(var m in Model)
        { %>
                <td><%: m.Property1 %></td>
                <td><%: m.Property2 %></td>
        <% }

For more info on passing data to a view in MVC:

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I will be changing the table dynamically, based on the value's of other controls on the page. I do not think this plan would allow me to change the table dynamically. – user1162850 Jun 14 '13 at 1:51

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