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I have a method that needs to loop through a hash and check if each key exists in a models table, otherwise it will delete the key/value.

for example

number_hash = { :one => "one", :two => "two" }

and the Number table only has a :one column so :two will be deleted.

How do I check if a model has an attribute or not?

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In Rails 3.2+, use number.has_attribute?(:attr_name)

At the class level you can do: Number.column_names.include? attr_name where attr_name is the string name of your attribute. In this case it would be one.

If you have an instance, you can do: number.attributes.has_key? attr_name.

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For bonus points use Hash#select: number_hash.select { |key, value| Number.column_names.include? key } –  hgmnz Nov 10 '09 at 18:31
In Rails 3.2+, use number.has_attribute? which accepts a Symbol or a String –  Marc-André Lafortune Jul 18 '12 at 17:25

If you need to check for aliases as well, you can use Number.method_defined? attr_name or number.class.method_defined? attr_name.

I had to do this for a Mongoid object that had aliased fields.

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ModelName.method_defined? :attr_name worked well! –  arivarasan Aug 28 '14 at 7:26

In your instance object, you could use also defined? instance.attribute or instance.respond_to? :attribute.
These are more generic solution to check a model attribute or any method as well.

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