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Any pointers on how to initiate serial communication with the iphone? Or any other idea to interact with external hardware?

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Could you clarify your question? What are you trying to do exactly? – Mike F Oct 4 '08 at 21:15
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The only supported way to connect external hardware to the iPhone is through the iPod accessory protocol, through the 30-pin connector. Details on that program are at http://developer.apple.com/ipod/accessories.html. It isn't a free program and the 30-pin connector only supports certain features, but it's the only option available today.

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Apps compiled with the unofficial toolkit (and running on jailbroken iPhones) can supposedly access the serial port present in the dock connector.

See: http://devdot.wikispaces.com/Iphone+Serial+Port+Tutorial

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It depends on what you want to do. For an SSH terminal connection I reccomend TouchTerm (search the appstore).

I have no experience with electrical connections, but you can find the pinout of the iPod/iPhone connector here: http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_pinout.shtml

You can then download the iPhone developer kit here: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/

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