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I'm using the sbt-start-script plugin to build my project (although I think the question is more generally applicable than that; it just happens to provide a concrete example). I want to change the value of the start-script-name setting (the relevant source file defining the settings can be found here). Per the docs, I have added the following lines to my build.sbt and it creates the start script as expected:

import com.typesafe.sbt.SbtStartScript
seq(SbtStartScript.startScriptForClassesSettings: _*)

However, I'd like to change the start-script-name setting (which is defined, confusingly, as startScriptFile) to write it to a different location, and this has been for more frustrating than I would expect it to be.

The setting shows up fine using inspect:

[ctdrest] $ inspect uses start-script-name
[info]  compile:start-script-for-jar
[info]  compile:start-script-not-defined
[ctdrest] $ inspect definitions start-script-name
[info]  *:start-script-name
[ctdrest] $ inspect tree start-script-name
[info] *:start-script-name = target/start
[info]   +-*:target = target
[info]     +-*:base-directory = /Users/amack/Coding/ctdrest
[info]       +-*:this-project = Project(id: CTDRestful, base: /Users/amack/Coding/ctdrest, aggreg..

But sbt complains when I try to set a value:

[ctdrest] $ set startScriptFile := "bar"
<set>:1: error: not found: value startScriptFile
startScriptFile := "bar"
<set>:1: error: reassignment to val
startScriptFile := "bar"
[error] Type error in expression

I presume I'm missing something screamingly obvious, but a whole lot of searching and examination of the SBT settings docs has not cleared anything up for me.

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would you be willing to file a bug on GitHub about the name vs file discrepancy? should get fixed – Havoc P Jun 14 '13 at 6:13

Fairly screamingly obvious. In this particular case, you can see from the source that the original key is defined in the nested object StartScriptKeys:

 object StartScriptKeys {
        val startScriptFile = SettingKey[File]("start-script-name")

so the following does the trick:

[ctdrest] $ set StartScriptKeys.startScriptFile <<= target / "bar"
[info] Defining *:start-script-name
[info] The new value will be used by compile:start-script-for-jar, compile:start-script-not-defined
[info] Reapplying settings...
[info] Set current project to ctdrest (in build file:/Users/amack/Coding/ctdrest/)

This doesn't address the more general question of determining how to set a value if given a setting name such as start-script-name though. It seems SBT could be more helpful in this regard.


According to the plugin design guide this would be handled more idiomatically by adding

import StartScriptKeys._

to build.sbt, and it is then possible to modify startScriptFile without the qualifier, although the qualifier is still required on the SBT console for some reason.

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I would love to know the more general solution though. By convention, the Scala identifier is camel-cased, and the string representation is lower-cased and dash-separated. However, here the package maintainer has not quite followed this convention, and in addition the setting is defined in a nested object. I'm not sure how I could have worked out either of those without looking at the source code, which doesn't seem ideal. Is there really no way for SBT to tell me how set this setting? – strangefeatures Jun 14 '13 at 6:05
I wonder if the nested object only needs to be specified because of the bug where the names don't match.… recommends the nested keys object. sbt 0.13 works differently, the name is automatically computed from the Scala val name, so this bug becomes impossible. – Havoc P Jun 14 '13 at 6:21
@havoc-p - judging by the identical behaviour of startScriptBaseDirectory, which does follow the convention exactly, I don't think it's caused by the mismatch between the identifier and string. – strangefeatures Jun 14 '13 at 7:27
@HavocP - On the plugin best practices page, it says users will need to import plugin keys in build.sbt using eg "import ObfuscateKeys._`". I didn't do the equivalent originally because I didn't think to read the plugin writing guide, which is the first place I've seen that (and it's still not clear how to work it out from SBT). – strangefeatures Jun 14 '13 at 7:35

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