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I am attempting to create an InfoPath form that will allow me to maintain a single set of raw instructions that I can render using alternate views in InfoPath.

I currently have two (2) views; Data Entry & Change Management. The Data Entry view allows me to maintain the common list of instructions while the Change Management view will render a pleasing view of the data for the Change Management team to follow when deploying the package.

The first issue I am trying to sort out is a way to replace a keyword in the text of an instruction. I want the text to be updated in the Change Management View but left untouched in the Data Entry View. (ie: the placeholder [VERSION] should be replaced with v3.1.0 in the Change Management view)

I was able to replace the text using a "TRANSLATE" string function within a rule I applied to the repeating text field. I discovered that I cannot use the same repeating text field in both views because replacing the text in one view will also change the text in the other. So I created two (2) repeating text fields, one for each view and set the default value of one field to the value of the other. This partially worked but would only seem to copy over the first item in the list. (ie: If the numbered list in the Data Entry view has three (3) items, the numbered list in the Change Management View only has one (1) item, the first item).


Is there a way in InfoPath to copy the contents of an entire repeating text field from one field to another?

If at all possible, I would like to avoid adding code behind to the InfoPath project.

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