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Please note that I deleted the index.php file from one of my Drupal sites, I deleted it by mistake from Filezilla so it would be almost imposible to recover it. I know that I should be making backups and I do, unfortunately not for this new site.

I'm still having all the info in the database so my question is: is there anyway I can re-create my index.php file from the Drupal admin with the the remaining info in my server? Probably this is a more than a silly question but I'm still a newbie with Drupal.

I will really appreciate your guidance friends.

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Just download the zip/tarball of the Drupal version you are using from Drupal.org:


Uncompress it locally, and then copy index.php up to your server.

Also, never ever do that again, and more importantly be more careful, because next time it might be a file you can't just easily replace.

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Thank you very much Forest, I really appreciate it my friend, I was suffering to death due to this matter so I promise I'll be more careful. Have a great night! –  i'llbdevsomeday Jun 14 '13 at 4:33
Worked perfectly!!! Thanks again Forest! –  i'llbdevsomeday Jun 14 '13 at 4:41
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