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I have dual boot one windows 8 and another ubuntu 12.04, both are at the separate partition. When I start my laptop Grub appears with the ubuntu and the windows 8 option. When I click on ubuntu(default) my laptop starts normally but when I click on windows 8, my laptop gets restart. I did these for many times but was unsucess. Will I able to use windows 8 again?? I am using HP G60 214Em laptop.

Thank You in advance!!!!!

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This isn't a answer but i can't comment...

I have a similar "problem" but with an orlder pc(I think): He has preinstalled WinVista and now i have installed on another HDD Win8...

Now I haven't Grub but i think that Windows needs special "information" from the null point too get the full power. I don't how to explain but it makes the same as your pc. When I come in the dualboot menu and I choice WinVista he makes a full new restart and i bilieve it start another BIOS or sth else (I don't know) but it take a long. On the other hand when I choice Win8 in 3Second he started up.

So I bilieve you can't change that. Win8 works so.

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