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I have in int[] and want to check that particular property from list exist into an array or not. Here is my class of property,

public class WaitingLists
        public Int32 Id { get; set; }
        public Guid UserId { get; set; }
        public Int32 GameTableId { get; set; }
        public Int32 WaitingListTypeId { get; set; }
        **public Int32 ? StakeBuyInId { get; set; }**

Then I want to check that StakeBuyInId exists in my list.

Here is a code for Linq,

public GameListItem[] GetMyWaitingList(Guid UserId, int[] WaitingListTypeIds, int[] StakeBuyInIds)
            ProviderDB db = new ProviderDB();

            List<GameListItem> objtempGameListItem = new List<GameListItem>();

            List<GameTables> objGameTablesList = new List<GameTables>();

            var objWaitingListUser = db.WaitingLists.Where(x => x.UserId.Equals(UserId));
            if (WaitingListTypeIds != null)
                objWaitingListUser = objWaitingListUser.Where(x => WaitingListTypeIds.Contains(x.WaitingListTypeId));
            **if (StakeBuyInIds != null)
                objWaitingListUser = objWaitingListUser.Where(x => x.StakeBuyInId != null ? StakeBuyInIds.Contains(x.StakeBuyInId) : false);
            return objtempGameListItem.ToArray();

But it is showing me an error that Contains does not allow 'int ? '. It only overloads 'int'. So do you have any idea how to use Contains for null property using linq? Thanks for any help.

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objWaitingListUser = objWaitingListUser.Where(x => 
                 x.StakeBuyInId.HasValue  && 
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or better StakeBuyInIds.Contains(x.StakeBuyInId.GetValueOrDefault()) OR objWaitingListUser = objWaitingListUser.Where(x => StakeBuyInIds.Contains( x.StakeBuyInId.GetValueOrDefault() ); –  Zain Shaikh Jun 14 '13 at 6:22

you could also create an extension

    public static bool Contains<T>(this IList<T> container, T? content)
        if (content.HasValue)
            if (container.Contains(content.Value))
                return true;

        return false;

and your query would looks like this

objWaitingListUser = objWaitingListUser.Where(x => StakeBuyInIds.Contains(x.StakeBuyInId))

instead of

objWaitingListUser = objWaitingListUser.Where(x => x.StakeBuyInId != null 
                                                   ? StakeBuyInIds.Contains(x.StakeBuyInId) 
                                                   : false);
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